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Founder of Small Queendom and The Small Queendom Podcast, entrepreneur, author, and photographer, Leah Graham, needed brand strategy, social media, and program design & creation. A true visionary, Leah’s sweet and simple lifestyle is designed to help other women realize their dreams, create a minimalist and elegant lifestyle, achieve financial independence, embrace self-care, discover their personality types … the list goes on!

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I put off hiring a brand strategist for a year, simply worried about letting go of control and the synergy in expanding my team. Jessica has blown my old fears to bits and opened the door to a new level of quality and presence I was dreaming of and couldn’t achieve on my own. I look forward to our strategy sessions and appreciate how Jessica pushes me to new levels of depth all while championing my true message. Feeling grateful and energized about moving forward in my business.
— Leah Graham

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