marc allen

project notes

Internationally renowned author and president & publisher of New World Library, Marc Allen, working with the amazing visionaries at Living Brightside, Inc., was looking for a brand to represent his inner “moon-child” as well as capture his extensive and ethereal musical catalog.

Inspired by the vast reaches of the universe, this brand is limitless and bright. Anchored by its moon-and-ellipse logo, custom patterns, and brilliant space photography, the new Marc Allen brand is one to watch!

Jessica is a total rockstar designer. She came into our company when we were taking on a big re-branding project for a star client and she delivered the goods! She’s the real deal. She’s quick to respond, and lightning fast at providing your desired revisions. She takes your honest feedback to heart and aims to get you the design of your dreams, no matter what, as quickly as possible. Whether you’re an agency or a solopreneur, Jessica will be your dream come true!
— Lara Brightside, CEO & Lead Project Manager Living Brightside INC

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