do you offer content or copy creation?

Yes! Both content strategy and copywriting assistance are available. Please contact me to schedule a strategy session.

does my copy have to be ready in order to begin the branding process?

No. I will need some basic information about your business to begin the branding process, but I use a design questionnaire and other fun tools (like Pinterest boards!) to help create your perfect brand. Your copy needs to be in close-to-final form, however, for both print and web design, as I design around the copy, as opposed to trying to shove your message into a predetermined container. 

do you require a deposit or payment upfront to get started?

Yes. A minimum of 50% on all web design + development packages is required to reserve your spot with the development team. In some cases, 100% of your project price is due upfront -- this applies to our Simple Solution package, sales page design + development, all branding packages, and print design (once you have the draft, you have the design!).

how do i get started?

After we have an initial consultation or upon purchase, you will receive a contract and an invoice via Stripe. Upon receipt of the signed contract and paid invoice, you will receive your first draft within 72 hours; revisions within 48 hours. All projects come with detailed Project Timelines, Checklists, and other info packets to guide you every step of the way!


what is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design is the creation of the wireframes (pictures of your site pages) and the development process is what makes those pictures function. Think of it like building a house: the web designer is the architect and the developer is the builder.

is your team the only ones who will be able to maintain my website?

No. All of my website packages include easy, how-to videos to help you maintain and update your own website post-launch. I do offer a full range of maintenance and service packages, though, for the entrepreneurs who are looking for continued service.

do you provide seo services?

While I do take some Search Engine Optimization practices into consideration when coding, I do not offer SEO services beyond installation of a SEO plugin. If you need SEO assistance, please contact me; I can recommend an SEO strategist for you to work with. In the case of the Simple Solution package, there is a session of SEO training included.