dr bojana

project notes

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, wanted a brand and a website that successfully merged her amazing qualifications and background in Western medicine with her passion for yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda to create a unique and vibrant space for her revolutionary take on true integrative wellness.

Inspired by both Malibu and her country of birth, her brand is a delightful and unusual combination of ocean & rocks, field & flowers, sea glass & roses.

Dr. Bojana wanted a logo inspired by Ramonda Serbica. This is a unique flower that was discovered in her home country of Serbia. Even if completely dehydrated, it has this incredible resilience and has complete revival ability if watered. I like to compare this to the human spirit and our magnificent bodies. In a state of wellness, there are countless mechanisms, all acting synchronously, to keep us in homeostasis (balance). However, even if we are out of balance, we still have the capacity to rediscover it and use our inner resources to get in tune with ourselves and our environment, and thrive!

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