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Working with both Villas has been inspiring and astonishing in many ways: this is a power couple in every sense of the word(s)! Angela Villa is an emotional eating coach, a doTERRA powerhouse, and a holistic wellness expert with a bold and powerful sense of style. Girl, you had me at “A man is NOT a financial plan!

Her incredible approach to a lifestyle of true wellness focuses on four specific areas: physical, emotional, financial and spiritual, and her gorgeous e-book, 16 Simple Steps to Holistic Wellness, is all about getting you there with easy-to-implement daily practices that can become habits.

This project includes brand identity, social media, e-book design and copywriting, content creation, CRM integration and design, and the future design and development of Angela’s website (still to come).

CMS: Squarespace. CRM: MailChimp.

16 simple steps to holistic wellness

After searching for a long time, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a gold mine! Working with Jessica has been the best experience. She has a gift ... her ability to pinpoint what my brain was thinking and put it into a beautiful “online” space is more than I could have dreamed. Everything that she does is with professionalism and drive that inspires me and keeps me going. I’ve brought the best asset into my team by hiring her.
— Spring Esteppe

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