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I’m passionate about working with you to grow your brand, increase your visibility across platforms, and create an online space you’re proud to call HOME.

Your brand is the HUB of your message. It’s your passion thrown out to the world.

But is it working for you?

You have the insight, the BIG PICTURE, and you’re ready to take your business to new heights. Whether your biz is your side-hustle, your full-time money-making-machine, or the big dream just coming to fruition, you need help and support to showcase it online.

Evolve with a breathtaking brand, stunning graphics, custom animations, and a sleek website — all powered behind-the-scenes with cutting-edge automation and moolah-generating funnels.

I can help you create your ideal brand so you can get back to why you started this business in the first place: your life, your family, your talent and your clients.


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The daughter of a philosopher-king and a spiritual-queen, Jessica is a wife to a dragon-slayer and a mother of four legacy-builders who aspires to be a rising phoenix through transcendence, transformation, high-heels, and a little pinot noir.  

She traveled the world most of her early life and now lives in the mountains of Appalachia with her husband and children.


Formally educated in philosophy and economics, Jessica was primed to be Socrates driving the Frito-Lay truck until she discovered her love of graphic design.  Also trained as a medical transcriptionist and fitness trainer, she is fully capable of waxing eloquent on Wittgenstein while typing up your neumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis diagnosis at 90 wpm all the while maintaining a steady pace doing jump squats and roundhouse kicks . . . but she'd much rather help you create your brand. 

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